Harl (harl) wrote in solemnly_ooc,


*puts on Mod hat*

Hiya! I've been thinking a bit lately, about our timeline, mainly because I've noticed we seem to be moving forward rather slowly. I realize this is a MB RP, so we can't logically start/finish an RP all in one day, all of the time. So the 1 ic day/1 rl day ratio is probably not realistic.

However, I think that after this scene with James and Snape (and whoever else) perhaps we can move the characters along down the timeline a bit, maybe a few weeks or so, just so we can start covering some time, and working toward the cool events in the timeline, like the Yule Ball, full moons, O.W.L's and Snape's Worst Memory.

Keep in mind that the Marauders are in the process of creating the map, and have just become animagi, the war is becoming much more prevalent as a world event, and lots of people are dying. All really awesome places to start/center RP's around. There are also classes, dinner, common rooms, free time, etc etc etc.

So let's get this party started, eh? *dance*
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